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We strive to obtain the highest standard of quality in the products and services that we provide.

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Poly Plus can help you save over 50% off your monthly heating bills--helping your pocket book and the environment!

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Spray Foam

Spray Foam insulation is the most effective and efficient insulating material commercially available. By sealing your home from air and moisture intrusion, you can protect your family’s health from dangerous mold, airborne pollutants and allergens. Not only will you benefit from…

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Batt Insulation & Vapour Barrier

For most people, reducing heating and cooling costs is important, but there are many other benefits which may surprise you. Poly Plus offers professional installation making your home evenly heated, free of hot and cold spots and drafts, providing a more comfortable living space.

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Blow-in Attic Insulation

Poly Plus blown-in attic insulation can increase the comfort of your home and provide you with savings on your utility bills, which can be expensive in our climate. In the past, Canadian homes were built using materials that were energy inefficient, leading to increased energy costs.

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There are many things that can be done to make a home more energy efficient, but how do you know whether you need to repair or upgrade your existing insulation? Click the button to answer a few simple questions to determine whether of not re-insulating would improve the comfort in your home. 

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Sound Proofing

Sounds proofing is the key to a quiet home. It is specially designed for installation inside your home`s interior walls, ceilings, and floors. This reduces the transfer of noise from one room to another. It acts as an excellent acoustic barrier that effectively absorbs sound. 

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Thermal Imaging

  • Quickly and efficiently without disrupting any walls, ceilings or floors in your home or building
  • Detects hot/cold spots
  • Detects deficient insulation
  • Deficiencies in windows/doors/ceilings
  • Heating/air conditioning and duct system defects
  • Roofing or plumbing leaks

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Attic Insulation Removal

  • Removal of old attic insulation due to mold or allergy causing agents, irritating odours, fire damage and rodent contaminants
  • Vacuumed directly from the attic, through a large diameter hose and directly into bags located in a garbage disposal temporarily located on the job site.
  • Quickly and efficiently without any mess

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